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A stupid simple module with brilliant possibilities.

Use it to easily build responsive and lightweight tables that don't require any chunky back-end settings. Use Beaver Builder's easy interface to add column headers, rows, and cells without having to mess with any HTML. That is, unless you want to! You can add custom HTML in cell content, so it's easy to add images, icons, or anything else you can think of with just a little markup. It's also sort-able, page-able, search-able, and lots of other "ables". See it in action below!

Feature Is Dam Good?
01. Build your own table
02. Make it Responsive! And...
03. Customizable
04. Searchable
05. Sortable
06. Pageable
07. Bootstrap Context Class-able
08. Custom Page Size-able
09. Custom HTML-able
10. Bootstrap Stylng Options-able
11. It's Even Something Else-able!
Step 1: Add table headers.
Step 2: Add table rows.
Step 3: Add Table Cells. You can include arbitrary HTML.


Videos that POP!

Make your videos stand out, with the elegance and grace of a beaver. Choose either a YouTube video or video file (mp4, mov, etc), and go to town. Choose to pull YouTube's default generated thumbnail, or upload a thumbnail. It could be a screenshot from the video itself, or any image your little beaver heart desires.

Example 1: single YouTube video.

The Lightbox in Action
Settings: mp4 video file. Thumbnail manually chosen.
Settings - YouTube Video. Thumbnail automatically retrieved.

Example 2: multiple videos in columns, using the Light theme.


$10 / Year


  • Dam Good Table Module
  • Dam Good Video Lightbox Module
  • 1 year of support and updates

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